Sunday, 5 June 2005

Lioness Playlist 2

JME - Serious [White]
JME - Don't Chat [Check It]
Lowdeep - Str8 Flush [Colourful State]
Purple - Help me, Help You
Terror Danjah - Piano Madness [Aftershock]
Purple - Another String
DPM ft Doctor - Wicked & Bad [White]
D-Power ft Doctor & Riko - Come On [D Power]
J-Sweet ft Doctor, Remerdee & Jendor - Bring It [White]
Doctor, Fresh & Ryder - something Wrong
Ryder - Slew Wasteman
Lethal B - Uh Oh (I'm Back) [V2]
Crazy Titch ft Keisha - Gully [White]
The Allance - Stop (DaVinChe Remix) [White]
Faction G - Freestyle
Baraka - Blue Portal [Check It]
Kano - Mic Check 1,2 (Instrumental Remix) [679]
Kano - Brown Eyes [679]
Kano - Signs In Life [679]
Kano ft Demon & Ghetto - Mic Check 1,2 (Remix) [679]
Tinchy Stryder - Undergroud [Ruff Sqwad]
Slicks & Tinchy Stryder - Guns & Roses [White]
Jammer - Freestyle
Roll Deep - Flying Away [Relentless]
Moet - Dirty Girls
Mariah Carey - We Belong [Island]
Jon E Cash - Hoods Up [Black Ops]
Terror Danjah - Nite Crawler 2 [FL]
Wiley - Firefly [White]
Wiley - Icepole (Remix) [White]
DaVinChe - Shut Down Shop (Instrumental) [Paperchase]
Fire Camp - No [White]
Agent X - Killahertz (Alias Remix) [Heatseeker]
Plasticman - Cha (Mark One Remix)
Macabre Unit - Crusher [B Line]
Bigga, Lewi White & Jammer - Phantom Riddim [Jah Mek The World]
Wiley - Colder (Remix) [White]
Slew Dem - Terrorist EP [White]
Nii-O - Descent [Breakbeat]
Jammer - Fire Hydrant [Jah Mek The World]
Wonder - Face [Dumpvalve]
Macabre Unit - Lift Off [Terrorhythm]
J-Sweet - Kerb [White]


C said...

Easy Chanty,
I'm trying to find some of those tracks that you have in your playlist...especially tracks by Lewi White, like Dungeon and Platoon.

Any chance you could tell me how you got hold of them or maybe hook me up over e-mail?



Anonymous said...