Friday, 28 October 2005

Scala Gig Cancelled

So Kano's getting shut out. Word has it that is was more the local council than a Trident ting, but the truth is about as likely as me colouring my hair black. Anyway, here's what Kano has to say... "I have performed in London practically my whole career and there have never been problems. It's where I started out and for me there's no better place to perform. It's a shame that on my first ever UK tour I am unable to play to my home town. I am sorry for my fans that the show couldn't happen this time round. I'll be back." If you have a ticket you'll get a full refund, so go about your business. Bet David Banner's pissed too.


Seph_Phat_Head said...

Was lookin 4ward to Kano coming to the mighty North London. Proper screwing. Couldn't help but notice how many articles i read about this in the papers. Even though its a slightly negative topic, it's nang still to see an artist like Kano getting so much coverage these days, and its a real contrast from say 2 or 3 years ago when the only place you could hear him was by tuning in to undergound radio or chekin a rave. I'll end on a bait quote "Any publicity is good publicity".

fingahprince said...
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