Tuesday, 14 December 2004

Shout To My Mum

I love my mum, and she loves my blog. I know she frets over some of my activity and associates and I don't blame her, but you know how it goes. I think getting to read any bits I forget to tell her on here gives her that gangster lean. You know how it feels when your partner catches you looking at porn (hypothetically speaking, I know not about sites like www.thehun.net), my dear mother can get a more adulterous and satisfying feeling looking at my blog. I roam in a land where shotta's roam free and food* has little to do with short crust pastry. Oh how I miss your home cooking, roll on Christmas! Her only complaint was a spelling mistake and she wished she knew the music. But you do woman, you do. Remember the time we did the two foot skank in the kitchen? Can't remember what we had on but quite possibly NASTY b2b Roll Deep? You weren't to keen on the lyrical content but we did bust some moves. Denial. I think she wishes that I'd talk about some of her music, so that's my mission. I didn't really want everyone to know I had a tendancy in times of great weakness to dabble with Michael Bolton, Jimmy Barnes, Phil Colins, Wilson Philips... Simple Minds and INXS are slightly more acceptable though. While we're here can you believe the first concert I went to was Iron Maiden - with my mum. Two Minutes To Midnight, you bet. Anyway, mum also mentioned this blog to the rest of the family and family friends, who, due to their countryside existence or shacks on the other side of the World, probably haven't seen me since I've had a fully developed chest (more fool them). So to my mum, uncles, aunties, dad, Bo, Dumb, Ding, and any I've forgotten - this is a shout out to you! Brap! Brap! Brap! (And you best have got me decent presents this year, suckers).

*food - drugs (however interpret/challenge as you feel fit, cor the yoots say so).


Anonymous said...

And I love you back, you will always be a star in your mummy's eyes, however, you have missed out an 'L' in Phil Collins !!

Chantelle Fiddy said...

I've been murked! (Mum check 8 Mile for reference)

Zico said...

Oh my God Chantelle, my first gig was Iron Maiden as well... with my Mum!!! That would've been Wembley arena (on the No Prayer for the Dying tour), in December 1990.



Maven said...

Found my way through Tofu Hut.
Will certainly follow the evolution of grime in 2005! Got to say I'm glad the UK has found their own identity when it comes to hip hop music (well, grime then..)
Dominate. Keep dem postings coming, love it!