Monday, 25 October 2004

Mr Wong

PHOT0149.JPG, originally uploaded by chantelle.

If you haven't heard Mr Wong's Orchestal Borough's yet then you need to. Uniting London Wong has grabbed an MC from North, South, East and West (Crazy Titch, JME & Flirta D) for this musical adventure. The video is now on Channel U so be sure to look out for that.

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Anonymous said...

havnt herd dat tune yet still, but nt relly lookin forward to it, seen as jme, crazy titch, flirta d
are jus mad swag, now les get to wong whoever the fuck finks dis guy is a good mc must have no taste in music. sorry people ts the truth, if u cn gt in cantact with wong tell him to jus alow it he cnt spit so stop tryin. if u wna hear reel music dwnload sum roadside g's, purple, northstar or sumthin. safe people we out.