Sunday, 14 November 2004

East Connection quickie


What’s going on today then?
Double O: We’re behind the scenes at the East Connection track ‘The Link Up’. It’s got a nice garage/R&B lick. There’s various artists here like Demon, Bruzer, Kano, Lethal B, Fumin, Bashy, Sadie Ama, Major Ace, Kele Le Roc, Sharky Major, Nicky Slim Ting (who produced the tune), Jookie Mondo, Demon, Diesel, myself…the list goes on. It’s an all-star link up!

So when’s the track out?
Double O: So official release date yet but the video will be on Channel U soon. The concept is us all hitting three clubs and the nine artists on the tune will be doing their thing at Aquarium, Opium Lounge and that, then in-between just count those cameo’s.

What else are East Connection working on?
Double O: We’re finishing the mix cd, more R&B and rap based, the album then the garage video’s for the underground.

What about radio?
Diesel: Raw Blaze is back on now, I know people have missed it. But well and truly I just needed a break, I’ve been running radio for eight years now, I got DeJa where it is today but it’s all changed up now and I’m concentrating on Raw Blaze. There’s a new schedule and you’ll catch all of the biggest names from the underground on there.

Will Raw Blaze be here next year?
Diesel: Of course! They’ll be more video’s, we’re hoping to drop another one before Christmas. And don’t forget the frequency, nine grand…

Hear East Connection on Raw Blaze 90.00FM and lookout for The Link Up hitting stores and Channel U soon.

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