Saturday, 27 November 2004

Meet Ghetto

I first heard Ghetto spitting about 18 months ago at the 2003 Urban Music Seminar. And we're not talking any flash stage show here but some hardcore, limb for limb, clashing business. I remember Ghetto appearing from nowhere, taking over the battle already going on and murdering the previous winners. Without a doubt he was the aggiest, most in your face MC i'd ever seen. And he's come a long way baby. Drafted into NASTY Crew soon after this he's been building his ammunition and is currently doing the rounds with Kano and Demon (check this weeks Zane Lowe's show at Here's a quick catch up for the record...

What are you working on?
A mixtape right now called Destined For Trouble which is licking the road soon, probably December time.

Who’s repping on it?
Stormin, you know what the whole scene and couple of outsiders…I’ll let them be a surprise. There’s some known stuff, rap and new bits too.

So what about NASTY?
Everyone’s doing mixtapes at the moment then we’ll come together to get the album on road.

What vinyls dropping soon?
I got a solo tune, my first single called Ghetto coming soon. It’s big!

How would you describe Ghetto?
Ghetto, my name says it all.

I know you’re a nice boy really, but saying that, I had my bum pinched earlier and someone snitched and said it was you?
Nooo…ok It was but it was Kano too. Kano what have you got to say, you were involved too? Look he’s in denial now. Shit it's always me who gets it. One girl over there won't stop laughing at me look. What? What?

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