Thursday, 25 November 2004

Practice Hours

It's all about Practise Hours, the first of a whole batch of DVD's landing on road. Bought to you by the media gang this is quite possibly one of the best, if not the best, DVD to come out of the grime scene. Media gang themselves are intelligent guys, seomthing that seems reflected in their editing, the two main sections been interviews and freestyles. They've managed to bring a balanced product - there's enough controversial moments to keep the forums alive for months and spark countless wars, but there's also much food for thought provided. JME in particular draws some nice cultural theory while Ruff Squad discuss the hardship youngsters are experiencing in penetrating the higher echelons of the scene. Others among those featured are Meridian Crew, Crazy Titch, J2K, Wiley, Trim, Riko, Karnage, Jammer, Ears, Bigga, Kano, All In One and SLK.
Having taken the best part of a year to compile there's many added bonues including a Wiley and Lethal B clash, pirate radio and rave footage, footage from Conflict, and everyday life in and around the studio. As if that wasn't enough there are also trailers for Creeper Vol 1 and Aim High Vol 2. Phew.

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