Tuesday, 16 November 2004

Small Pleasures

In the past I've been very reluctant to buy the Observer on a Sunday specifically for the Music Monthly as it can be pretty swag (nb favourite word of moment) and I struggle enough to get through the Sunday Times. (I do acknowledge, however, that I am a hard-to-please, rather petulant child).

But blow me down like one of those inflatable dolls my flatmate owns. This weekend I found myself in a cafe on Hackney Road doing a disjointed cheer leader routine as I spotted Simon Reynolds review of Run The Road. It gave me great pleasure to see The Observer had got someone more than decent to write it, then the realisation struck that it also sat above the likes of Eminem, Gwen, DC etc...Ecstatic.

The review itself in my eyes was spot on. And (Martin Clark aka Blackdown) can back me on this, I rarely agree with much. Picking out Chosen One as a/the standout track was a sentiment echoed by many of us. Target of course, for the record, is chuffed with it. As to is Riko. I frantically got onto his solicitor to pick up a copy and I think the review looks set to gain prime position in the 'Free Riko File.'

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Anonymous said...

is that our kid serious aka simon reynolds aka the mighty silverdollarcircle.blog