Monday, 8 November 2004

That Letter

Following a few requests I've decided to succumb and upload the seeminly infamous Riko letter published in Deuce last year... Currently awaiting trial in December here's wishing Riko all the best in busting his case.


Dear Deuce,

Wha gwarn people? Riko Dan here, aka King of Grime, aka Aggi Mic Masta, aka Da Gyal Dem Friend. Well this is the deal. Deuce magazine, the ruffest and tuffest urban music mag in the country, have allowed me to write a letter to you lot to clear a few things up and to tell you the truth, there’s nothing more I’d rather do.

As some of you know, I’m a reformed character who is 100% committed to the musical cause and I’ve put my bad boy days behind me but I ended up back inside. Why? For an old case which dates back to 1999, a shitty commercial burglary which took the police three and a half years to find out about. It seems like locking me up for three years already wasn’t enough, so they decided to bring me back for nine months, which isn’t long out there but in here it’s a fucking lifetime. You get me? I suppose it’s my own fault because it’s true that what you do comes back to you.

With my days I just go gym, write lyrics, use the phone and do killer cell workouts. But let me tell you something, crime is long. Going to jail is long, mixing with lowlife junkies and grasses is not the shout. Trust me. There is more than enough opportunity out there rather than get into crime. I’ve done it all in the past, armed robs, shotting, busting after man, but it didn’t get me anywhere except six different prisons all around the country. Now that’s LONG. But you know what they say there’s no point crying over spilt MC’s blood.

I get to listen to a bit of grime but not the newest stuff cos I’m in Dorset, so no pirate stations (local man dem, fix up), but I’ve got N.A.S.T.Y mix on CD, a Sidewinder tape pack, Eskimo Dance 1 & 2, Dizzee’s album and me and Doogz murking each other on Rinse.

Before I came in I recorded about six Pay As U Go album tracks, Pied Piper (Ruff Squad), No Games (OT Crew feat me and Gift), Pick Yaself Up, Poppadoms, Cock Back which is out now, and how can I forget the ultimate slewage tune (thanks to Wiley) the Igloo riddim for Neeko.

When I am out at the end of the year, my plans are to get my career back on track, finish off my album, slew Neeko again and again and again, oh yeah and get my own column in Deuce every month!

But blessed be to all my fans for sticking by me. Thanks for your support I appreciate it nuff, love you lot fe real. Big up my cartel, Gift, Slimzee, Geeneus, Dugs, Target, Dogzilla, Wiley and the rest of Rolldizzle, especially Karnage and Danny Weed. Masta B, Doug @ Soul II Soul, Bow E3, Dizzee for winning the Mercury, big up my dad coz he’s a diamond geezer, bare thanks to the people that are getting me through this, Krystal, Nicola, Sarah Xtreme, and most of all Chantelle Fiddy Cent Big Tings Fiddy. Anti Terrorist Gyal dem run tings fe real.

Last words: I hear say Neeko has been trying to slew me now I’m banged up, bit cowardly seeing as when I slewed him over Igloo he phoned me twice and begged me to stop the war. As soon as I got banged up he grows some balls. Oh well, no drama. Just have to merk him again. Watch out for Neeko Fe Dead Part 2. Very big.

Big up the Deuce crew, nuff respect. Chantizzle…you’re large.

Bless, bare love,

Soon land

Riko Dan

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Anonymous said...

That letter was so deep and it kind of made me a little bit upset. I hope that all of them other brehs out dere realise that all Riko Dan said is true. I think that he is large for admitting his faults and also that he now realises its time to change. RiKo DaN good luck in allthat you do and i hope that ur trail goes well.. Sendin you nuff luv..Bless UP..Oh nd merry xmas nd a happy new year 2 evrybdy