Monday, 8 November 2004

Vinyl preview

Trim feat Wiley, Riko, D Double E & Footsie
Boogeyman (White)
Terror Danjah has provided the perfect backing for Trim’s first official release, ‘Boogeyman’. Trim’s gravelly vocals, articulate flow and fresh style have already seen him propelled onto the MC top table and this will reaffirm his position. Add Wiley, Riko, DEE and Footsie to the agenda and you’re left with a surefire contender for tune of the year. The flipside of this vinyl also features Trim dissing Stormin over riding Wiley’s ‘Fire Hydrant’ riddim. Seriously essential.

Lethal B
Pow (Relentless)
It was obviously only a matter of time until a label snapped up the ‘Forward Riddim’ and now it’s in the hands of Relentless. Having renamed the tune, lost some verses, and gained a chorus ‘Pow’ doesn’t have the same impact as the original but is still the tune guaranteed to hype any dance, anywhere. Loved by young and old, the anthem of 2004 should garner chart success this November on it’s official release.

Mr Wong feat Crazy Titch, JME and Flirta D
Orchestral Boroughs (White)
While Mr Wong’s name may be new it’s unlikely you’ll forget it after hearing this. Mr Wong, who’s previously released tracks with Jammer, is one of the most energetic producers and MC’s to have emerged from the underground dance scene in recent months. ‘Orchestral Boroughs’ Is a highly melodic track as the title suggest and sees MC’s from all four corners of London representing their ends. Keep your eyes peeled for the video.

Riko feat Dog-z and Discarda
Critical (Aim High)
The next release on DJ Target’s Aim High label, ‘Critical’ follows on where ‘Chosen One’ left off. “Critical, my life’s upside down, fucked up thoughts in my head go round, and round, and round…” With the aid of Dog-Z and Discarda the trio tell the tale of life in shit lane. Riko is fast proving he’s got an ear for hooks and this should set the pace for those attempting a more hip hop influenced vein of grime. Some of their best work to date.

P Jam feat D Double E
Anger Management (White)
P Jam, another blast from the past, makes a welcome return with ‘Anger Management’. One of the best instrumentals currently doing the dubplate rounds is blessed with D Double E’s appearance. A bass heavy, infectious track, this deserves serious rotation and needs to be in any self respecting DJ’s box.

Kano feat Lethal B, Ghetto & Demon
P’s & Q’s remix (679 Recordings)
Kano’s DaVinChe produced debut with 679 Recordings, ‘P’s & Q’s’, has raised more eyebrows than first expected. And that ain’t a bad thing. With the original now playlisted on Choice FM and receiving serious airplay it’s time for a re-lick courtesy of Lethal B, Ghetto and Demon, all supplying some hectic bars. As good as the original, just crunk it.

Crazy Titch
Sing-a-Long (White)
‘Sing-a-Long’, produced by Crazy Tim is one of the most sought after dubs of now, highly original there’s nothing on the shelves sounding like this. The instrumental samples some serious strings conjuring images of ballroom dancing, lace it with some Titch lyrics and you’ve got a track that’s even catchier than his debut ‘I Can C U.’ Having stepped up his game in 2004, Titch and Tim are both names to be watching closely in the ’05.

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