Sunday, 19 December 2004

Farewell '04

I recently appealed for people to come forth with charts and here are some of the best replies (but where are my ladies at?):
Martin Clark, Journalist, London, England. “2004 was the year when grime snuck up to the lazy, sterile mainstream, jacked its phone and left it stunned on the floor wondering what in Eski's name hit it."
1. Target & Riko "Chosen One" (Aim High)
2. Digital Mystikz "Give Jah Glory" (Tempa)
3. Kode 9 ft Daddi Gee "Sign of the Dub" (Hyperdub)
4. Roll Deep (Danny Weed production) "Let It Out" (679)
5. Terror Danjah ft. Trim, Wiley, Riko, D Double E and Footsie "Bogeyman" (Roll Deep recordings)

Jacob, fan, Singapore. “I’m probably the most remote grime fan you’re going to get contact from so I thought it might be worth sending my end of year top 5...”
1. Terror Danjah ft. Trim, Wiley, Riko, D Double E and Footsie "Bogeyman" (Roll Deep recordings)
2. Lethal B – Pow (Lethal Bizzle/Relentless)
3. Ruff Squad – Raw2TheCore (White)
4. Gemma Fox & 2Face – Gone (P)
5. Essentials – Jenny (DaVinChe Mix) (Paperchase Recordings)

Derek Walmsley, writer, location unknown.
“With record sales been low and there being very few compilations on the high street, underground DVD packs are essential viewing…”
1. Roll Deep – Shake A Leg (dubplate)
2. B Live – Merkers (dubplate)
3. Terror Danjah ft. Trim, Wiley, Riko, D Double E and Footsie "Bogeyman" (Roll Deep recordings)
4. Shystie – Woman’s World (P Jam Remix) (P)
5. Essentials – K Dot (Paperchase)

Jeff, fan, Seattle, USA.
“…haven’t been this excited about music since the early 90’s shoegaze movement! I’m stuck in Seattle and access to anything beside The Streets and Dizzee isn’t available much. My son always dances and claps to the smooth sound of DaVinChe and Kano ‘Leave Me Alone.’ My current fave would have to be Wiley and Kano ‘Special Girl’ (we’re a little behind here), anything involving Kano is brilliant, hope an album comes soon…”

Thank you to all the underground supporters and readers inna this – whichever part of the globe they’re from. It’s nice to know we’re reaching far and wide. It’s a beautiful movement to be involved in and 2005 looks set to be even brighter and star filled than the last.


Anonymous said...

yes mad props! from Montreal, Canada to New Delhi, India. like Jeff, i too find myself ridiculously excited by everything grime... like way more so than i've been in a looooong time. and i used to work at a hip hop heavy independent radio station (, like we would get The Streets and Dizzee, but yo, Chantelle MADDEST PROPS for exposing as much more of the scene as seems possible, 'cuz dem streets seem littered with stylez & skillz. it is just so FRESH and ADVENTUROUS. respect. keep it real.

Anonymous said...

oh whoops, and i just gotta throw this in, in no particular order, my fave grime tracks i've discovered thru your blog over the last six months (plus note my massive respect for the ladies!):

* Lady Sovereign and Shystie DESTROYING Frost-P and Zuz Rock on Medasyn's "Battle"
* Lethal B's "Pow"
* Systie's "Step Back"
* Kano on Davinche's "P's and Q's" - MEGA bass
* Riko and Crazy Titch - "Cock Back"

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