Tuesday, 21 December 2004

Risky Roadz

A big shout out to our crew at Rhythm Division for this one. Possibly the longest music DVD, ever, climaxing after about four hours of unadulterated interviews, rave footage, radio sets, freestyles, music videos and more. Among those featured are Ruff Squad, NASTY, Roll Deep, East Co, J2K, Essentials, Bruza, D Double E and many more. We caught up with Sparky, one half of the DVD team, to find out more…

“You can expect a lot of fun with Risky Roadz, it’s a look at the scene but when I watched a lot of DVD’s they made it look very serious and I wanted to capture what people are really like, their silly moments. There’s a lot of people I knew from before – like NASTY, half of them I grew up with at school, so no one’s putting on acts. And it’s nearly four hours long (it was seven but we cut it), it took us ages to edit it but we had so much footage and we didn’t want to waste it. We’ve got so many people on there - every big MC, every big rave, Young Man Standing, Beats 2 Battle, we have tried to incorporate everything, even people over at the park hanging out. My highlight would be seeing the energy and people that are keen, it really shows. There’s a few people who weren’t really interested when we started it and couldn’t be bothered to meet up but watch what happens ha ha. This is the first of many, we’re even talking about a Risky Roadz deleted scenes ideas…we’ve already started working on part two so keep your eyes open this year.”

You heard it here first. Pick up Risky Roadz online at www.rhythmdivision.co.uk or from all good independent record shops. RRP: £16.99 and worth every penny.

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