Sunday, 9 January 2005

Bashy Latest

Seems the blog is reaching far and wide and Bashy's been made aware of my Dear Deidre letter. Published on here a while back it contained my views on his diss track and ever the feminist, I questioned the featured lyrical slaughter of Wiley's sister. I received a phone call and respect to Bashy for handling my views like a man and appreciating my position (I once had a death threat for saying someones tune was like a plate of soggy sprouts instead of the advertised artichoke). While we may still not agree on the content of the afore track it was an interesting debate. Check back here for the full transcript soon (permission granted). He also informed me that some wires have got crossed and that the mixtape wasn't actually funded by a government scheme. Retraction then. And while I still don't think the Ur Mum Vol 1 mixtape showcases Bashy's potential (his concept work is much better) It's sold out already, the yoots dem obviously loving it. I'm assured the album will be more to my liking so look forward to hearing less bad boy hype and more quirky wordplay.

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