Friday, 7 January 2005

Danjah Mail

If you sign up to the 1Xtra weekly mail out you will already have seen this. Every week a 1Xtra DJ will write to you and this week’s special 2005 mail is from the in-demand producer and 1Xtra presenter, Aftershock’s Terror Danjah.
“Wha gwan, I’ve spent Xmas & New Year behind the computer making music which is sad…but good. I’ve been doing tracks for Kano, Wiley and Lethal B’s albums. Doing the Aftershock M1X Show with Bruza, Triple Threat and Scratcher has been firin’ – we’ve had Shola Ama, Sway and Roll Deep on as guests and we’ll have more in ’05. In April we’re going to do a DJ Clash with all the big DJs on the garage scene. You know that will be massive! My prediction for this year is that vocals are coming back which means it’ll bring the girls back and make the music accessible and more diverse than just the MC thing. Aftershock are taking on new singers & we gonna be big so check the show every Friday night 2-6am, and if you miss it you can listen anytime online to our UKG M1X Show at:" And there you have it.

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