Wednesday, 2 February 2005

Eyes On U

Loadsa new video’s to be checking for including Dizzee who's taken it back to the gutter on ‘Graftin’, Kano and Ghetto get swarve on ‘Typical Me’, there’s the SLK megamix for ‘Hype, Hype’ (there’s about three different video’s floating about, honest), Unorthodox ‘No Help No Handouts (featuring the mightly No Lay), Southside Allstars ‘Southside’ (south London’s attempt at a Forward riddim one assumes), Slim Ting Recordings ‘Link Up’ (you’ve already had the behind the scenes), Highly Flammable’s ‘Charge Allstars’ (about time). The remix video for Lady Sovereign’s Random feat Riko, shot over in Elephant & Castle last month. Also Fire Camps ‘No’, which was shot recently and apparently has Lethal B posing as a basket ball coach, Crazy Titch’s ‘Singalong’ (filming underway as we speak, he’s taking over a theatre). And that’s not all… remember Sky channel 467 (It’s the only one you need to remember).

1 comment:

unlixes said...

the current version of the hype hype video bugs me. they spent however much redoing it and yet channel u or whoever thinks it's better to splice together the old and the new one like nobody will notice.

as for southside. hah, yeah. 'attempt' is the right word.