Sunday, 13 February 2005

Hip Hop Correction

Hip Hop Connection have finally run a grime feature. I did a Fight Club piece a while back, Dizzee V's So Solid, but it was only when they crowned him prince hip hop he made the cover. You somewhat felt in the story, as good as it was, that they were having to REALLY justify it's inclusion yet it's often hard to judge the levels of sarcasm and satire at work in the HHC. Anyway, despite it's fear of grime, It's a good mag but a few things in thise piece I'm not sure about so here it goes. With reference to hip hop, journalist Sunil Chauhan, who is obviously clued up from most of what I've read, states that "Rather than DJ Premier, Large Professor or Pete Rock, grime's Terror Danjah, Target, Jammer or Wiley are more likely to refernce The Neptunes, Mannie Fresh, DJ Paul and Juicy J or most commonly, Timbaland." Timbaland and The Neptunes straight up yes, but not sure the others would be near the top of the list. Onto Roll Deep and we have "...So although Wiley's off centre Ice Rink and Eskimo are both classic, his crew Roll Deep's new LP Rollin Deeper is instead bursting with shiny pop-rap and leaden, almost bog standard hip-hop like Let It Out, rather than anything truly grimy." Bog standard! Each to their own but come on. Which leads me to the next point, but most emcees aren't that lyrical are they? "Not when they're yelling stupidly or trying to sounds hard and hyper like Fumin' or Napper on Pow, no..." For me at least Napper's bars on Pow, as simple as they are, were some of the best for moshing in particular ("I'llllll crack your skull....). There's further talk in the piece that the various American freestyles laid down, although not necessarily amazing better the original version of the track. This is the first person I've ever read in print that doesn't like the track so maybe that's why I feel a need to call it out. If you like grime how can you not fall under the spell of Pow? If you've ever heard it on a proper system in a packed club you'll know what I'm talking about, reload after reload. Lastly apparently Riko laid down verses from the pen for a version of the Forward Riddim, if this is the case I haven't heard it so I'm investigating.

Elsewhere in the media for Lady Sovereign fans as well as my piece in Tense check out articles in Rip & Burn and Good For Nothing (the new mag from the old Sleaze team). Good For Nothing also feature Bruza and Kano.

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glenn-medeiros said...

nahhhhh, the thing about riko being grime's shyne was probably talking about the lady sov random remix.