Sunday, 20 February 2005


Caop and Ratty's top 5 Lord of The Decks moments...
1. Ruff Squad – They bought the whole crew and had a real vibe about them.
2. N Double A – They were a lively bunch, keeping it real down South.
3. Doogz – He blessed the camera and blessed the DVD.
4. Wiley – There’s a lot of footage that didn’t make it, very interesting, but it won’t be coming out, people don’t need to know about all of that.
5. Clashes – We got lots of battles, Wiley V Kano, Titch V Bruiser… a lot of lyrical content, a lot of jokes so we decided to do the Lord Of The Mics Battle Arena series.
Lord of The Decks 2 and Lord of The Mics 2 are both Coming soon! Also keep posted for Lord of The Mics Channel 4 screening. More details as and when.

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