Friday, 11 February 2005

Style File

If you've copped the new Tense Magazine then you'll have already seen the fashion shoot starring Bruizer, No Lay, Riko, Mr Wong and Lady Envi. Below are some bonus quotes that didn't make the final edit. And if you haven't got the mag yet then do support it because it includes a 2o page grime splash by not-so-little bottomed me and aims to introduce this here music, some of it's stars behind the scenes and those you may know including Sovereign and SLK. Shame Black Eyed Peas got the cover over us but still... Also inside Estelle on tour, J Lo, Freerunnin', Akon, Nathan, Jamie Scott, The Game and much more. Oh and dare I forget the Union Black cover mount cd including tracks from artists like J2K, Asher D, Baby Blue and Klashnekoff? No.

BRUZA "Get me?"
Who would you like to put in new clothes?
Any chick but I wouldn’t mind putting Lady Sovereign in a dress, no one’s seen her in a dress have they? I’d give her a lesson or two, a nice tight fitted red dress that goes loose at the bottom with a nice pair of red heels, some jewels and a glittery handbag.
Style icon?
Mos Def, he’s like a gentleman. If I had the p’s I probably would attempt that. These photoshoots I’m doing are opening up my mind, I bought my first shirt the other day. My mum was happy too.
Bruizer ‘Get Me’ is out now on Aftershock Recordings and Shock To The System (the Aftershock mixtape) follows shortly.

Who would you like to put in new clothes?
Jerome, as in Gods Gift. I’d put him in a boiler suit, a white one probably. His style is alright but he could do with some tidying up, he doesn’t care though.
Style icon?
David Beckham. He has class and that’s never a bad thing.
Riko feat Dog-Z and Discarda ‘Critical’ is out soon on Aim High Recordings. Also look out for Lady Sovereign feat Riko on the ‘Random’ remix.

NO LAY “I don’t want anyone to think Ms Dynamite or Shystie, I’m not on this female, girl power, MC tip. Don’t get it twisted I’m not rude and disrespectful, but if I’ve got something to say I’m just going to say it.”
Who would you like to put in new clothes?
Jay-Z, I’d get rid of the Hawainan shirts but when he does the English look he does good.
Style icon?
I wouldn’t say I have one, I don’t think style varies that much these days though it’s how you put stuff together. I don’t mind looking pretty but I’m not into glamour really.
No Lay ‘Unorthodox Daughter’ is out now on Run The Road Recordings.

Who would you like to put in new clothes?
Anyone who was a bit plain or needed sprucing up. Actually I’d love to re-style Van Damage, he’d be a good model to try a new look on.
Style icon?
I love individual people like Gwen Stefani and Kelis.
SLK ‘Hype Hype’ is out Feb 28th on Smoove/Ministry of Sound

MR WONG “I’m just a talented mother fucker who wants people to bump their heads.”
Who would you like to put in new clothes?
You, yeah, Chantelle Fiddy. Rags I said it, I’d dress you in a dominatrix suit with a whip ha ha ha. Yeah PVC catsuits all the way with a gimp mask. Leather is air though, got to be shiny PVC.
Style icon?
I don’t really have one, I just dress how I dress. Christina Milian always looks good though.
Mr Wong ‘Getting Stronger Mixtape Vol. 1’ is in all good independent record stores now.


Torsten said...

is there a chance to get this mag here in germany?

Chantelle Fiddy said...

not entirely sure but check Will see what I can found out. If it's available in the US (be it only in Virgin, Times Square) I'm sure it must have some European distribution

exo said...

"I’d dress you in a dominatrix suit with a whip"

so, i guess i'm not the only one.