Friday, 18 February 2005

Where For Art Thou Quotes

When Tim & Barry told me about their exhibition I got really excited, so excited I pissed off my (then) man and agreed to spend a long arse night pulling out quotes and lyrics to run with their images. Anyhow, the arts being the arts and all that it didn't quite work. But why waste them?
“When I started (producing) I’d heard theses 4/4 garage tempos and loops but every time a new tune came out I’d always think ‘this has been done’ . So I started changing up the beats. I try and make beats that haven’t been heard before. That's why our music is different."
(Producer, ex-NASTY Crew, 2003)
"Stay calm, don't switch use composure blud, use your head to battle through cause you're the Chosen One, nuff man-a-strive for peace of mind, but keep an open one, the ruddy road upon the journey blud has just begun."
Target & Riko 'Chosen One' (Aim High), 2003.
"We can’t get jobs. I’ve had jobs but I can’t imagine doing a nine to five again, I can’t do nothing else but make tunes, What else can we do?"
(Producer/DJ, Roll Deep, 2003)
"I got an idea, how about we just call it garage. Let’s make it simple. When you say grime it does carry bad things, if I’m a yout and I’m going to a grime rave, what mentality do you think I’m going with? It’s a crime rave. I’m going to be grimey. People don’t understand the power of words."
(MC, In Da Hood Recordings owner, 2004)
"We can live as we are but we want to live nicer. We want to live the good life so you've got to aim high."
(Producer/DJ/Aim High Recordings owner, 2004).
"I don’t want anyone to think I'm Ms Dynamite or Shystie, I’m not on this female, girl power, MC tip. Don’t get it twisted I’m not rude and disrespectful, but if I’ve got something to say I’m just going to say it.”
(Lyricist, 2005)
"Can you call it (part of) gun culture? I don’t know why this keeps getting related with garage and not other music. We need a conclusion or it's always gonna be there.”
(MC/Lethal Bizzle Records owner, 2002)
“Mos Def, he’s my style icon because he’s like a gentleman. If I had the p’s I probably would attempt that kind of look.”
(MC, Aftershock camp, 2005)
"I used to play for a couple of pro teams like Chelsea, when I was young. I was about 11 and then Norwich later on. Football, I was good, but maybe my heart wasn’t in it because my heart's in music.”
(MC/producer, NASTY, 2004)
"Life’s getting harder, I got responsibilities that need looking after, gotta make money nowadays I'm a father, got a beautiful daughter that's getting older faster, she looks like me, it’s me she takes after, when I look at her sometimes it’s just laughter, she loves up music and thinks she’s a dancer…"
(MC, Newham Generals, 2003)
"Big up all of my soldiers in a-da army, from you respect and love Bob Marley, Garnett Silk and Mohammed Ali, Peter Tosh and Marcus Garvey, Martin Luther, King to da Junior, I still hate Malcolm X’s shooter..."
(MC, Boys In Da Hood)
“The majors and press can’t kill this cause it will go on regardless. Everyone learnt lessons from garage. If I had the scene in my hand, it would just be everyone on radio and you can’t stop pirates, you can try, but no, you can’t. As long as people are been heard the scene will grow.”
(MC/Producer/Promoter, Roll Deep, 2004)
“He came over to me so sweet, I gave him all of my time, the way he’s so down for me, he really blows my mind, I’m feeling you I’m so sure, this vibe I got you can’t ignore.”
‘So Sure’ (Aftershock) 2003.
"Damn I miss those happy days, they don’t come much but when they come they come and as quick as they come they go, happy days it might seem dumb but I wonder if they’re under Gods control, those happy days…”
Ears ‘Happy Days’ (Run The Road, 679 Recordings) 2004
“Tell us what you wanna see and I bet you we’ve got it. Our theory is no one can deny us access, we’ll try get through anywhere.”
(DVD producer/distributor, Lord of The Decks/Mics, 2004).
“We’ve ended up creating a monster that’s stomping its way out of a cage living its own life. We’re trying to promote the streets because for too long the industry have looked at us but won’t do nothing about it. It’s about us people at a street level forming a united front and getting this thing rolling cause we can make this what we want it to be.”
(DVD producer/distributor, Lord of The Decks/Mics, 2004).
“I use a Mac and a keyboard, just get your own style and do your own thing. My sounds unique but based on garage and influenced by garage.”
(Producer, 2003)
“She’s one of those girls that knows she’s looking more than nice, even on a bad day I’m looking more than twice, her eyes, it’s like they’re hypnotising all these guys…”
The Streets ‘Fit But You Know It Rmx’ (679 Recordings), 2004.
“You don’t wanna bring armshouse, I’ll bring armshouse to your mums house, you don’t wanna bring so beef, bring some beef you lose some teeth…”
Lethal B ‘Pow’, Relentless Records, 2004.
“We’ve always been those type of people who never quite fit in with the system, we disrupt, we are disruptors.”
(MC/producer, 2002)
“I got a big family but a lot of them don’t even know what I do…I am looking forward to making money and getting some recognition though.”
(MC, 2002)
“Doing this it helps me express myself, I like music and I like writing bars. I was a very shy person and Mcing has helped me overcome it and gave me confidence.”
(MC, 2004).
“In east London you either do sport or MC because there’s nothing to do. Pen and paper is accessible, It doesn’t cost anything and if you’re good, you can get credibility for it.”
(Singer/rapper, 2004)
“I found a Sovereign ring once, actually I stole it from a mates boyfriend who was been horrible to her. It was just glistening saying 'Louise take me', he shouldn't have left it lying around. After that i started getting loads, I'd ask for them for Xmas, birthday’s... but then they all fell off my hands because my fingers are so skinny.”
(MC, 2005).
“Theres too much emphasis on naming music. It's what I feel in my body, its what comes out. I don’t care what its called.”
(DJ/Producer/label owner/radio station co-owner, Pay As U Go, 2003.)
“I don’t think I’m big. Michael Jackson, that’s big. I haven’t even mixed for ages. I used to be into beat matching, I’d fit b-lines around each other. No one used to do that back in the day but me and G… But if I want something badly I’ll do it, I can do it all again. We’ve put our whole lifes into this.”
(DJ, Pay As U Go, 2003).
“I’m working on albums, that’s what the scene needs now.”
(Producer/Aftershock Records owner, 2004).

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