Sunday, 13 February 2005

Whitechapel Carry On

The launch night of W H I T E C H A P E L  P R O J E C T  S P A C E, BEZERK, HARDCORE IS MORE THAN MUSIC, JEREMY DELLER, TIM & BARRY on Tuesday went off nicely with drinks available for a £1 donation. Tim & Barry's images run on a projected showreel, in time to a grime mix. Good to see so many people down there from all sides of the fence; artists, fashion magazines, industry, passing public. Even the Feds dropped by to say hello. It's a shame there are aren't more events like this both to showcase the scene and as an excuse to get together. With the lack of raves it's not often you get so many people in one place just talking. Anyway, the exhibition runs from 12th - 27th February 2005 so if you can check it out, do.
Whitechapel Project Space, 20 Fordham St, London, E1 1HS Tel. 02073776289:  07748235428: 07808732340 Open Sat - Sun 1-6pm.

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