Friday, 25 March 2005

Cargo Fever

cargoid, originally uploaded by chantelle.

Shout out to everyone who came down to i-D Live at Cargo last night, performers, producers, photographers and of course the crowd. Party vibe throughout. Missed most of it due to door duties and general running about but overall reports have been great. For a first attempt Ms Collins and I are more than happy. Thanks to i-D Magazine, especially Dean Langley and Ben Reardon, without whom it wouldn't have been possible also Ross Allen and Riko. Really feel opened eyes of lots of punters who were losing their grime virginity. Also the Cargo staff who were alright on the night. Many a surprise too. Riko got the event underway, hyping the crowd as he does so well. Wiley arrived with JME, Skepta and DJ Cheeky who kindly did an impromptu mini set. Room already ram. Crazy Titch and J2K hotted up anyone who'd have it, another surprise guest No Lay murked Unorthodox Daughter (nice reloads Hats), Sovereign, ill on more than one account, dropped some fresh shit, Roll Deep set it off with When Im Ere and Let It Out, Klashnekoff, boy what can I say? Legend. Goodz has been quiet on live circuit so great to hear some new rhymes from him. Special guest was Jammer who smashed the Fire Hydrant Riddim with Ears and Riko (again). Murkle Man. Essentials definitely know Jenny and the rest, Katie Pearl, she's sweet, we love her, we know all the words. Nice work from Bossman. Late arrivals but Kano, Ghetto and Demon were the icing on the cake. Biggle. Unfortunate that the mics got turned off for Logans set as Wiley, Bruza and Jammer were lined up but curfews and all that... Anyway. Hopefully you get the picture. And thanks again to everyone who came down.

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