Sunday, 13 March 2005

Half Full

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I have missed many important dates in the diary this week and slacked on many counts (apologies to all concerned). But don't hate me, hate the cold. Colds have a habit of making you feel sorry for yourself, you look in the mirror as your skin starts drying out, then there's the blotches, oh tired eyes.
Yet this year I've discovered lots of things that are good about colds and actually give them an element of enjoyment and some renewed appreciation. You just got to be looking at these things the right way, right?

Things that have been making me happy:
Raw ginger
Lemon and ginger teabags (not twinnings or any of those botanical brands go for the caribbean stuff)
Woebot's articles in Fact
Banana Cake from no-one
Shopping on Brick Lane
Listening to KT Tunstall, Truth Hurts and Un-Cut
Cadburys Spiral thingy
Getting loads of new Danny Weed instrumentals
Jean Grae's introduction to the local dealer
The DVD of Jammers B'day Bash time ago
Freshly squeezed apple juice from Premise
kris ex (he may have been slacking on his blog but when you re-read his stuff you get something new each time, well I do, and what?)
Writing an article for The Ave
Reading 10,000 dreams interpreted

Things that would make me happier:
That now I've appreciated things the cold would just go away, leave me alone, I hate you. And what is snot, sorry but if you know where it comes from, how it got there and where it would go if you were born with no nostrils, please let me know. Thankyou please.

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