Sunday, 13 March 2005

Stankee Trainers

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Drowning in a pool of wet rags, known in a former life as tissues, I stared at my phone and watched the texts arrive. I was missing the Dirtee Stank Air 180 Launch Party. Yep, Dizzee Rascal and Nike have a collaborated on a trainer. Gutted that I missed DEE, Dizzee, Fury and the rest murking but here's what RWD reported on events...

Bombshells were dropped a night ago as Raskit held a lil party to celebrate the launch of his very own line of Nike trainers. The sneakers (excuse the Americanism) are Nike Air 180s and many have seen them re-launched by Nike earlier this year, (watch for six new colourways later this year too) but Dizzees are a very very limited version. His 180s consist of a red on white version with red laces, red Swoosh (Nike tick), the Dirtee Stank logo on the tongue and DR logo stamped on the rear of the each pair.There is also a red on brown version in the Dirtee Stank colours, and they come in a specially designed box featuring some grimy Dizzee-fied E3 artwork. Only 96 pairs have been made and it's unlikely they'll ever be released, so start fiending for them on ebay now.

The launch party itself consisted of live-O performances from the boy himself (who is no longer in the corner), Semtex who killed it 'pun the decks and with D Double and the Newham Generals also smashing it. The crew from the Midlands, Klass A, the first signings to Dizzees label Dirtee Stank Recordings broke down the mic and it was all basically a live version of the limited mix CD (presented by Dizzee and mixed by Sem) you get with the trainers.

The night was heavy but the best part was when Dizzee told RWD exclusively HE IS NEAR TO SIGNING D Double E and his crew the Newham Generals. The likes of Footsie, Monkey and D Double will be coming through on his label later on this year and all as long as the dotted line gets signed, hell is gonna break loose. Everyone has been waiting for the MC (famous for his MEEE MEEE lyric) to be signed to a label for time and now its happened. With D and Foots on a label hell is set to break loose more often instead of just on hectic compilations like Run the Roads and big mix CDs like Aim High.

Not ONLY that but RWD are gonna hit you with another HEX-KLOOO-SIVE, Dizzee is working on a world tour and will be with DJ Wonder, the DJ and producer behind many a big riddim. The last was the remix of SLKs overly nang Hype Hype which featured Lethal B and a few more members of SLK.

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