Wednesday, 30 March 2005

Still Growing

Still Growing, originally uploaded by chantelle.

I've been watching On Road DVD. Full props to the makers who've really grafted and got countless people on film. For someone like myself whose not as up on the youngers it provides an in interesting insight that I also, dare I say it, found slightly depressing.

I'm not talking about hardship or ghetto life (that's for another conversation with Logan Sama). I'm talking about the MC's. You see there aren't many 'youngers' that excite me. Maybe it's my age. I like to think otherwise, I know I know a good MC when I hear one. I was going to argue against the greatness of the youngers on the basis that the content was so, for want of a better word, samey. Gats, gash, war. Over and over and over. And over once more for luck.

Then I read something Martin Clark wrote on his blog and we bounced back and forth for a while. My conclusion. Yes, admittedly some of the most proven MC's, the elders, struggle to break these same thresholds. But what they do do, in varying degrees, is deliver with intelligence, maybe comedy, wit, better wordplay. So the future isn't doomed quite yet. Ears, Discarda and Manga were all worth rewinding even though they too haven't broken from the aforementioned subject matter.

I too get frustrated that people don't break more moulds and up the verbal game. But I do respect, admire and appreciate many of the unique characters showcasing their skills. Looking at Klashnekoff, D Double E and Bruza alone, it's quite clear to me that talent is present in many forms, all as worthy of one another. It's still early days and there's plenty of room for growth.

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