Tuesday, 15 March 2005

Vibe on RWD's nutsack?

Vibe on RWD's nutsack?, originally uploaded by chantelle.

Well that's what it says over at rwdmag.com. And judging by the evidence it looks baiter than the shit on the end of a hook. The story reads "The question is: Did they like our January cover so much, that the out of ideas team at Vibe decided to steal it? Or was it just a coincidence that they shot 50 Cent as Tony Montana on the cover of their April issue, only a few weeks after RWDs editor Matt Mason went to meet them and showed them what we did with Kano, in a bid to try and (unsuccessfully) convince them they needed to come to the UK and write about grime? We know Scarface has long been an icon in the urban music world, but does lightning really strike twice like that? You decide. We'll let you know Vibe's answer, if we get one"


Hashim said...

welcome to the cutthraot world of publishing

Anonymous said...

haha.. hilarious steal a scarface poster concept..then complain when someone else does it..wdf! ive seen this happen before and said this..if it wasn't ever your idea, if you stole someone else idea firstly... how the fuck are you gonna cry about it!

they didnt rip you! you both ripped from the scarface posters. jeeeeeeeezus!