Sunday, 6 March 2005

Were You There?

Were You There?, originally uploaded by chantelle.

Queues, queues, queues. Roadblock. Rammed. Yes, Run The Road at Fabric last night was messy, not quite sure how many people didn't get in but sure those that did had a good time, hasn't been a big dance for a while. Fabric's not the usual haunt for this of course, say grime, London and rave you'd think Oceans, Rex or something. Of course this meant that Run The Road attracted a more varied crowd, most of which seemed very up for it. Lots of Kano and Roll Deep fans noted. I missed a fair bit due to other duties but Bruza started things off nicely. The crowd loved the rowdy No Lay's set with Unorthodox. Big future. Riko's 'Chosen One' further reminded us of why we were at Fabric (the Run The Road comp duh). There was a ruck when Kano came on with Demon and Ghetto to perform P's & Q's. Think the eight or so ladies were fighting over KA himself, liked his response 'Typical You'. Fresh from Westwood's Radio 1 show, Roll Deep were on for about 5 minutes before they were joined by the entire Ruff Squad for a set of madness. Cameo rounded off the night accompanied by Essentials, Purple and Dynasty, the last of the revellers dispersing about 4.30. I still haven't worked out quite how those students manage to pass out in pools of beer and possibly piss on the stairs leading to the exit. Enlighten me someone, please?

Shouts to the dancing and singalong crew... Katie Pearl (know you read it now), DaVinChe, Essentials, Bossman, all 15 or so in the Roll Deep entourage, Sovereign and people, Capo, Ratty, Sam, Martin Clark, Logan, Cameo, Purple, Dynasty, Racey Stace, Tim & Barry, Sam White, Bradley (nice to meet you), Shottie Collins, Kano and co... you know who you are.

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