Sunday, 6 March 2005

You Don't Wanna Be Caught Slippin'

DEE Napa, originally uploaded by chantelle.

I only deal with original written,
that's why man like me's getting bitten,
pure MC's wanna be in my position,
well listen rudeboy you're on a long mission,
been a lyrically-dan since when I was christened,
from 13 I had a lyrically-vision,
spent time in the studio just like prison,
now i'm armed to the teeth with the lyric ammunition,
and I represent E7 which is in Newham,
any MC wanna tes' gonna do 'em,
whether it's inside or outside Newham,
bet you any money I'll go straight through 'em,
strap my bars and all your crew heard your lyrics,
you're going to have to re-do 'em,
nobody cares nobody knew 'em,
nobody cares nobody knew 'em,
that's very original,
I've never heard that from another individual,
to come across something like that was a miracle,
ooooohhhh the D Double signal,
can't be critical about my lyrical,
cause my old bars will murk your new lyrical,
each one of my bars dem-a-classical,
you're known in the hood and I'm known international,
soon gonna make p's like Abbey National,
oooohhhh was experimental,
now it's standard on instrumental,
i do it in the rave and everybody goes mental,
the raving crew turn far from gentle,
so MC's don't get me mental,
mouth get bus' get sent to the dental,
about you wanna jack my lyrical,
jack my written,
where that's gonna go it's never gonna fit 'em,
lyrically fist in the mouth im'a give 'em,
when next time a bigger man-a-chat upon the riddim,
better hold it down you don't wanna be missing,
might get found by somebody fishing,
might get found by somebody pissing,
nar that couldn't be my bars your spitting,
hold it down you don't wanna be kissing,
tip of the gun cause it's got a full clip in,
tip of the gun cause the safety's missing,
I bet that will have your pants full up of shitting...

D Double E 'Signal' (*give or take the odd word of course)


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josepharake said...

Nice one. D Double runs the grime scene."At first it was its standard."
Can you write up the rest of his lyrics..i know it must piss him off "Its a no-joke lyric if u draw his lyric (apparently)" but its cool to know whats guaning.
What bout "We're built to dust...then nobody mail us, then when we're on the road they rate us..Newham Generals yeah we got a mixed status, too many haters wanna bait us, just cos they cant make paper they wanna bring a man down like elevator, tell the boydem yeah later, them boys could never be a major.....cos I'm on the road to stardom"