Tuesday, 26 April 2005

Album Updates

Ok... so Kano's album isn't far off. Home Sweet Home's production credits are as follows; Mikey J, DaVinChe, Terror Danjah, Diplo, Paul Epworth, Kano, Fraiser and Tipsy. Having been fortunate enough to hear some clips it's a really interesting first album. Boy done good. Won't say too much until I've had chance to listen to it properly. Kano's club tour has also just begun so go to www.ka-no.com for dates. As for Roll Deep the final line-up is slightly shorter with Wiley, Danny Weed, Target and Dirty 4orts (Eurogang) cutting the crust. Unfortunately Boogieman hasn't made it on but there's still plenty of strong tracks and let's not forget Wiley's plan to get Creeper 2 & 3 out by summer. Sovereign's album won't be dropping for a while but she's hard at it. Basement Jaxx are currently working on Blah, Blah while she lines up her next single which I can now tell you is going to be called 9-5. The new stuff is way beyond anything she's done before and can't wait to see her with the full band... Lethal B's album is going to be dropping on J-Did or V2... apparently. No real details yet though. Look out for the new videos on Channel U.

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