Wednesday, 6 April 2005

A Cereal Killer

cocopops, originally uploaded by chantelle.

There were no Cocopops on the shelf so I went for the new Cocopops Crunchers (or something). After one mouthful my excitement faded, and quickly. Cocopops is one of those cereals you simply can't mess with. This tasted like a cross between stale anything and an economy version of Sainsbury's Chococurls (for the record, these are the platinum of all that come with milk). Who remembers when they started playing games with Ricicles back in the nineties? Who the fuck wanted dried marshmallows in their cereal? No one. Can you even get Ricicles anymore, I do hope so, I'm getting funny thinking about them. And why is it now every cereal has a nut or fruit variety. Don't kid yourself, this stuff is not real. It's made from toe nails with red food colouring you mug. Stick to chocolate cereals, they make you feel good, forget what you'll look like when you actually realise your cereal is 36% sugar and you've been eating it 365 days a year. I expected more from Cocopops but at least it did still turn my milk chocolatey. Watch your backs, the cereal killers out.

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i bought some corn flakes from marks and spencer and they aren't as good as the kelloggs variety.

i feel your pain.