Friday, 1 April 2005

Dirty Dozen

Catch my Dirty Dozen with Lady Sovereign in the new issue of B&S. It's been a month of filth when I think about it. Ess Ohh Vee and I had been discussing sanitary towels, cat sick, peep hole bras and going commando, some of which was kinda mucky, the rest plain foul. But Truth Hurts, that a whole different story. I'd been panicing about digging into the (very) private life of a woman whose music I not only liked a whole lot but that I found of great use in my own such moments. I blushed even writing the questions. I needn't have. She was game and she played it, standard even managing to answer most of the worst ones before the words had reached my lips. We giggled on the phone like teenagers talking about the first time. Well I did at least. After 40 minutes I can't deny I was flustered. For a glimpse of the evidence take a peak at the new Touch Magazine. Our very own Terri Walker adorning the cover, the issue also features fuck all, I mean loads of really interesting articles but in order to tell you about them I'd have to have the issue, and I don't. Yet. I'll be back. (N.B. Saj if you're reading this loads of spare Lloyd Banks tickets floating about, funny that).

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