Thursday, 28 April 2005

DJ Clash

Xtra UKG DJ Battle Royale. 1Xtra announces its first DJ battle 'UKG DJ Battle Royale', a live clash of the hottest emerging names on the UK Garage/Grime scene. 'UKG DJ Battle Royale' will build up over four heats which will be broadcast live every Friday night (2am-6am) throughout May on the M1X show  hosted by Aftershock (Terror Danjah's collective) and DJ Q on rotation. The four heats will also be simulcast on the '1Xtra Presents' slot on Radio 1 (Friday nights 3am-5am). The grand final will be broadcast live on 1Xtra on bank holiday Monday 30th May. Each heat will include four DJs who will each throw down a 10 minute mix. After the M1X show comes off-air, the mixes go online for the listeners to vote for a week's duration. The winner of each heat will be announced on the following week's M1X show. For the final heat on 27th May, listeners will be invited to vote by text between 4am-6am. The winner of the final round will be announced at the end of the show. The four heat winners will go forward to the grand final which will be hosted by Aftershock & DJ Q. The final will be broadcast live on 1Xtra  on Monday 30th May at 5pm-7pm. Each mix will be 20 minutes. For the rest of that week, listeners will again be able to vote online for their overall winner. The overall 'UKG DJ Battle Royale' winner will be announced on the M1X show on Friday 3rd June and highlighted on all the UKG shows during the week. The winner's prize will be hosting the Xtra Talent slot (Sunday nights 3am-6am) for 1 month in June, a mix on Richie Vibe Vee's show on Weds 1st June and a pair of Pioneer CDJs plus mixer and case.

The names of the DJs for each heat will be announced.
Broadcast Schedule: 1Xtra           Radio 1
Friday May 6th         2am-6am 3am-5am Heat 1, hosted by DJ Q
Friday May 13th        2am-6am 3am-5am Heat 2, hosted by Aftershock
Friday May 20th      2am-6am 3am-5am Heat 3, hosted by DJ Q
Friday May 27th      2am-6am 3am-5am Heat 4, hosted by Aftershock
Monday 30th May 5pm-7pm The grand final, hosted by Aftershock & DJ Q

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