Wednesday, 13 April 2005

Kiss Me Quick

kissing, originally uploaded by chantelle.

Congratulations to Logan Sama for securing a show on Kiss 100 FM, the sound of a fun, young, London (well it is now). More details, as in times and start date, to follow but for now Logan Sama pulls out some of hit freshest instrumental dubs that you should be watching over the next couple of months: DaVinChe - Hooks, Dexplicit - Unknown, DOK - Unknown, Footsie - Scars Remix, JME - Barraka, Rapid - Underground Remix, Ripper Man - Fields of War, Skepta - Trample, Wafa - Gunman 2, Wiley - Avenger. For now hear Logan Sama on Rinse 100.3FM every Friday 7-9pm or log onto And Matt Jam Lamont didn't get sacked so Logan could have his show, ok?

*Did anyone know you could actually get kissing barbies? I'm in shock. Do you know what I'd do to get my hands on a barbie that could lips me?*

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