Wednesday, 6 April 2005

Lamberts Sidewinder Statement

I would just like to clear up a few matters regarding SIDEWINDER'S 6TH BIRTHDAY SAT 2ND APRIL @ EMPIRE MILTON KENYES. Firstly i would like to thank everyone who attended this event. Unfortunately the UK Garage scene has been tarnished with a bad rep even though we all know this is blown out of proportion in the media and we also all know it is just the minority that has caused this negativity in the media and beyond. However it was notorious in the past that trouble was generated by the general public attending the dance event, unfortunately now times have changed and it has now taken a turn for the worse as particular artists that make up this very scene are now the offenders.

The only way we can drive forward and keep this scene healthy is to promote and encourage new talent which is what i intended to do at the Sidewinder Birthday, however i now realise that certain artists mentality cannot understand the long term gains of this scene and go on like complete idiots so therefore they have already ruined any chances they may have had to promote themselves especially as on this event it was being recorded by BBC 1 Xtra. Artists always have beef with each other for what ever reason this is just part of our scene, however why do they not use this to their advantage and battle this out lyrically on stage, this is entertaining just like 8 Mile, fighting and arguing on stage is not entertaining and is a insult to everyone who has paid to come to the event to be entertained. When i say battle it out i mean lyrically to entertain the crowd if you need to take this any further do it in your own time not at the events people watching and listening to you do not respect this. It's all about RESPECT, Respect what Sidewinder is doing and we will respect the artists needs, it is so simple but these artists make it very hard work which makes it even harder for me to have enthusiasm to promote these artists.

Wiley announced on the mic in the main room that I had scheduled the roll deep set at the same time as the cameo set in order to jepodise their set, in fact roll deep were scheduled to go at 2am until 2.45 then cameo to go on at 2.45 in the main room, however roll deep were delayed arriving and actually got on stage at the same time that cameo started his set. I spoke to Wiley after he went onto the mic in the main room told him the situation and then he understood. Unfortunatley the majority of these artists you have to speak to them personally before they understand!!!

Sidewinder has a very strong influence to which direction the scene path takes if these artists do not realise and start to respect this we will have not alternative to take it in another direction which could be a massive waste as the scene is full of new and unfound talent.

Thanks once again for everyones support for Sidewinder events.
Next Sidewinder is Fri 20th May @ Brunel Rooms, Swindon
UK Collection 9 Tape & CD pack will be on sale Fri 15th April


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