Saturday, 23 April 2005

Magic Sundays

Magic Sundays, originally uploaded by chantelle.

UK crew watch T4 tomorrow (as in Sunday) after you have your fry up and catch Dynamo. A must see magician who wowed the crowds at i-D Live, UMF and The Jumpoff to name but a few. Collins gave me the tip off so nice one. Times he's on are 14:45, 15:50 & 17:20. "Man, this kids GOOD!" David Blaine. "The best magic I've ever seen up close" Jools Holland. "The dopest magician I've ever seen" DJ Jazzy Jeff. "The next David Blaine"  X-Zibit. "Dynamo's got tha tricks (and I've got the hoes!)" Lil Jon. "DAMIEN the OMEN!" Avid Merri.

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