Saturday, 2 April 2005

New Touch Out

Forget the Terri Walker issue I just told you to get, I'm late blud. All about the Mariah issue now. Inside we have Reggaeton, Nate James, Donwan Harrell (head of Akademiks), Hattie Collins' 50 Cent V Game summary, A how to make your own 50 Cent sleeve (very funny and thanks to, Aaliyah tribute, behind the scenes on Crazy Titch's Singalong, Snoop, The Mitchell Brothers, Tweet, Jin, an investigation into Manchesters Moss Side (by Peter Walsh whose just had his book published), Jon B, reviews (I'm back doing mixtapes alongside Blenkarn) and much more. (N.B. Jason Riley I can't believe what you said about Kano 'Brown Eyes'. When I see you next it's on, trus').

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