Sunday, 10 April 2005

Sick To Death

Sick To Death, originally uploaded by chantelle.

Real sick hearing these pricks talk shit,
Get their throats slit cause they're talking to me like I'm thick,
And I'm real tired of all these bullshit guys,
They best go hide cause I'm looking for them on the sly,
Cause i've had it up to here, right up to here,
Might have to do it Reservoir Dogs style and slice off the ear,
Cause I've had enough of bredders acting tough,
Trying to get rough when it's obvious they're ain't rough enough...

If you've listened to the 1Xtra sessions, recently viewed or had your ear to the ground you may have already heard some of Plan B's material. Right about now Sick To Death is speaking volumes to me. And this is a proper exclusive that I've kindly been given permission to donate for your listening pleasure (next stop Tofuhut). Click the link below or drop me a line and catch some of this here mindset

Plan B

So to the 2nd part of last night...

Ended up on Cameo's 1Xtra Pirate Sessions where Essentials, Kano, Demon, Ghetto and Big Seek (or is it Seec?) were performing. Was actually loosing my 1Xtra virginity and like most first times it resulted in a few (minor) complications, a bit of pain but thankfully, there's no need for a transfusion (yet).

Heard the Tsunami track for the first time and although of course recommend supporting it (as in buying it when it actually comes out) I don't actually like it. Produced by DaVinche and JD and featuring an entirety of MCs and singers including Aleesha Mis-Teeq and Nathan, it just doesn't rock my world. Nor does the remix. In all fairness the beats are probably tuff but haven't heard instrumentals yet so overall judgement reserved.

As we all know you have to filter through the weeds to find the flowers, grime needs a serious visit from Ground Force (but then which scene doesn't).

Later on the evening it transpires Demon started calling for Roll Deep and not long after Riko. Someone later mentioned Wiley too, not entirely sure if that was Demon or Ghetto though. Everyone seemed surprised except maybe Essentials who were blatently going for Lethal B earlier on at Cargo (much to the crowds amusement, these clubs are different, not even a gun finger to seen). As you'd imagine, hell has started to freeze over today as Riko, Trim and Syer B (officially the latest Roll Deep member having parted company with OT) took to the Rinse FM airwaves. I haven't heard the audio yet but word is it wasn't pleasant. Roll Deep are back murking the airwaves (very interesting selection from Max and Karnage) as I type.

I crawled in at about 4am and didn't think much of it. And I do hope I won't need to think much of it cause it would be a shame if the two camps allowed seemingly pointless beef to divert attention from their record label projects, both of which equate to a much bigger picture. Need I go into it again?

When relaying events to Miss Collins she recommended anyone in this to watch Beef. I will be and taking notes because for various reasons sometimes we feel we're in the wrong place at the wrong time. It's a long story and not one for public consumption but trust me, I'm nearing the front line.

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