Saturday, 21 May 2005

Mic Controller

JME is going to getting rid of his face pic soon. "Im cool. I dont hate Nobody. Nobody Hates Me. Face pic's Getting Old. My Account will soon be gone. I do not eat Healthyly. I am not fat. I am not underweight. I never go shopping. I always have new
stuff. My Desktop does not have one icon on it. I have More Blank Cd's than You. I drive illegaly. I answer private number. Pain is Temporary. Love is Annoying. Life is Good. Death is Inevitable. I like finding money in my Jeans. Money is the root of All Evil. Money is the Root of all Good. I have 17 Friends. I Will Reply To Most Messages."
*Useless info but I've seen JME do a Rubiks Cube in about two minutes. Serious, serious.

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