Tuesday, 14 June 2005

Introducing JME

Meet MC and producer JME, Roll Deep’s newest member, brother of Skepta and remixer of Lady Sovereign’s next single ’9-5’. After the hype surrounding his debut release Serious, this twenty year old student is bringing some sense to the madness and is definitely one to watch…

What does JME stand for?
Jme actually doesnt stand for anything, yep, nothing. I didnt want to make up an MC name because its hard to make up a name that you will stick with and won’t jepordise your carreer at some point or have a change of heart about so I stuck with the name mummy gave me - JME shortened from Jamie. I might actually make up something; Jack Man Everyday, Just Merk Everything, Jump Man Ediot.

When did you start producing/MCing?
I started producing as soon as i could. I didnt note down the date though.... I was about13 or 14 or younger on ringtones, then Mario Paint then came Game Boy camera then Music 2000 then Fruityloops. Till now I will produce on anything anywhere. Mcing was a joke at first, i remixed everyones lyrics then we made the Meridian Crew, me, Dan and Bossman Birdie that’s when I started to take it serious, serious.

What are you working on right now?
My pecs, my coursework, and my album. I’m in no rush to complete my album, as everyones doing one as if its easy. I’m going to make sure that everybody that listens to our music says "JME’s album is heavy starr" coz i am putting only the best of my music on there and if thats not good enough then i dont know what is.

Ultimate collobaration?
I have alot of ideas on who would go well together on a track but the problem with our scene is that we dont communicate well enough half the mcs you see on collaboration tracks do not know each other so dream combos might never happen.

Who you feeling (and I mean musically not touching up)?
I’m feeling anyone who makes me forget what music I’m listening to, who is real,
someone whose style is not just different, but unique and they’re not scared to explore music, you know not just stick to the same sheet.

Is Meridian still going?
Meridian is in the blood.

What's going on with Bossman?
Bossman has been charged and will be released early October. His career decisions are still not clear in my head from when I visited him but I hope he sticks with the music as he is as talented if not more talented than me. I’ve known him longer than anyone else other than Skepta of course, and I know that he has what it takes to be one of the best.

And how come you and Skepta have joined Roll Deep?
Joining Roll Deep will help Roll Deep and it will help us in the same way. We haven’t left Meridian. Never. Please dont get it twisup. But joining Roll Deep made me stronger and smarter, a new phase is always good, it encourages you to write and think more and seeing as Meridian had to be put on hold for a while
joining Roll Deep has kept my name on fire while we were goin’ through some intense shit. But Rolldeep have helped me a lot more than some people that are closer to me so they are family now.

JME – Baraka is out now on white label. Promo’s of his Lady Sovereign 9-5 remix landing now.
A version of this appeared in B&S.

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Hamdi said...

i love jme he'z da best nd skepta ofcourse...keep doin ur ting boii xx-Hamdi-xx