Friday, 17 June 2005

Magic Stick

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“You see that guy, I was scared to stand next to him. When I met him I was like who is he? Why did God send him to mess up my head like this?” And Roll Deep Crew’s Wiley isn’t the only one getting the fear. The grime scene are on the whole seem to be packing their load over nineteen-year old Bradford street magician Dynamo, especially now he’s joined the Magic Circle.

“I’m quite confused” producer and MC Jammer told NME. “I don’t believe in magic but I saw him pull a lit cigarette through a coin backstage at the Lil Jon party and that shit was real.” So was the £80 tip Lil Jon gave him. “Midgets have special powers, I told you. He even body pops his way through it all” adds the less phased but equally freaky Lady Sovereign.

Dynamo isn’t totally down with the bling brigade though. “If I could throw my own party it’d be with people like Sway, The Streets, Roll Deep, Dizzee, Kano and MC’s off Run The Road. It was crazy coming to London and meeting people like Wiley cause they’re a big thing to me.”

Honing his skills outside night clubs such as The Jump Off, Ministry of Sound’s Smoove and any grime rave that actually happens, Dynamo turns tricks on gangsters, wannabe’s and celebrities. He’s already psyched out Busta Rhymes, Pharrell, Avid Merrion (“who thinks I’m Damien The Omen) and Prince Charles.

“I’ve come from performing on council estates and ended up on Royal estates. How may times do you have Camilla Parker Bowls chasing after you shouting “Dynamo! You’ve got to come and see the kids”? I’ve even met David Blaine and did some stuff he’d never seen before. He was saying “Maan this kid knows what he’s doing.”

While Dynamo continues his battle with Chron’s disease his television series and DVD project are well underway while the likes of Wiley are desperate to get him all up in the video.

“I don’t know whether he could sit in a box like Blaine, but who cares. His magic’s real not like what you see on TV. Actually, I want him on my next album cover too… but I guess I’m going to have to join the queue.”

Dynamo’s Underground Magic DVD hits road soon.

Words: Chantelle Fiddy
A version of this article appeared in NME, May 2005.

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