Monday, 6 June 2005

Mission Done

What a mission. Walked to Bethnal Green to bag the Roll Deep album but the swagness that is Woolworths didn't even have it. As I'd gone that far it was too late to turn back so no. 8 bus and next stop Liverpool Street where I had more luck with Virgin (man behind the counter gave me the eye too whoop whoop. This reminds me I had a lean thought about starting a blog strictly to report my sexual encounters until I realised it was a swag idea cause i'd so rarely have anything to report that the login would expire just like condom). So now I'm back home with a copy of In At The Deep End which includes a bonus DVD. The moral of the story is it's worth a trek to get this... according to manager David Laub only HMV, Virgin and someone else I've forgotten will be carrying it for the time being as it's a soft launch. So now you know, don't bother with shops that are only good for envelopes, toilet brushes and sweets i.e. Woolworths. Safe to the boys for the shout out, few names I expected to see that are missing but then again I hear artists only get like two minutes to pen that shit and it would be rude of me to digress further. Still not sure I get the artwork but who gives a rats arse? Not me.

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Hotflush said...

Congratulations to our old mate Dave Laub on the launch of roll deep's album.
Bigup little greg Wizard on production help out too.
I will duly go and buy my copy when i get some time.