Sunday, 26 June 2005

RIP Richard Whiteley

The Legend, originally uploaded by chantelle.

For the last month I've been hoping to track down Richard Whiteley to review the Countdown Riddim for my Touch page, a grime banger currently blowing up Channel U which samples the famous Countdown theme tune. It's with great sadness that I just heard on the news that our trusty Countdown TV presenter has passed away after a long illness. He'd been hosting alongside Carol 'brains' Vorderman for over 20 years, and thanks to my grandma's gentle persuasion (call if force if you prefer) I used to have to watch the show everyday. As many students will recall, it's a staple part of the daytime diet. I doubt Mr Whiteley ever got to hear the Riddim, I know not whether he'd even be amused but it's here to stay - even if Countdown becomes no more.

"The 61-year-old presenter from West Yorkshire fell ill back in May and was rushed to hospital in Bradford. He had been said to be "recovering slowly". Whiteley, who fronted the show with Carol Vorderman since 1982, is still on screen as the show is pre-recorded. Ms Vorderman's agent, John Miles, confirmed Whiteley had died. Last November Whiteley was honoured with an OBE from the Queen, who is said to be a fan of the show, as was the late Queen Mother." From BBC News. Check for more.

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