Friday, 15 July 2005

London United

Formerly known as the Respect Festival (name perhaps also changed to distance the event from George Galloway?) Saturday, 16 July 2005, 12pm -  8.30pm, Burgess Park, Albany Road, South London SE5. Directions: FREE. Following the London bombings the RISE anti-racist festival has been renamed LONDON UNITED.  LONDON UNITED will be held tomorrow, Saturday, 16 July, to remember all of those who died in the attacks last Thursday and to show London's defiance of those who try to change the character of the city through terror. The London United gig will give Londoners the chance to come out and show their opposition to terrorism and their love of their city. The Mayor said: 'The bombings that took place last week indiscriminately attacked Londoners irrespective of race, culture, religion or age. London is the future. This free gig will show that London stands firm and celebrates its status as a city of all races, faiths and cultures, the very thing the bombers hate.' 70,000 people flowed through the gates at last year's anti-racist event (then called RESPECT), and even more are likely this year.

Here is the new line-up and running order for the main stage:
12.30 - 01.15    Eska
01.25 - 01.50    Modeste Hugues
01.55 - 02.00    Fundamental
02.05 - 02.30    Kano
02.40 - 03.00    JJC & 419 Squad (with full live band)
03.10 - 03.40    Terri Walker
03.40 - 04.05    speeches [Ken Livingstone, Lee Jasper, etc]
04.05 - 05.05    Billy Bragg & Suggs and members of Madness
05.15 - 06.15    Lemar
06.20 - 07.05    Goldie Lookin Chain
07.10 - 07.35    Mitchell Brothers
07.45 - 08.05    Raghav
08.10 -?08.20    Heather Smalls

There are many other attractions, too, such as:
Crescent Stage, music and dance hosted by Shazia Mirza:
Necmi / Michaela & Naor, The Hakaya, Moroccan Roll Convention, Poets of Rhythm, Amina & Smadj / Michaela & Naor, Luda Mix, Oojami and Necmi Kalvi
Big Cuba Fiesta, hosted by Rob Miller:
DJs from Club Clandestino, Paseo Malanga, Conga dance class with Mario Lopez-Goicoechea and Paseo Malanga, Stylo Prohibido, Jesus Cutino y su Son de Cuba, Omar Puentes y Raices Cubanas
African Village, hosted by Victor Daniels , DJ Wala and Paulina Oduro:
Chief Nana and Ambrepon Drummers opening call, Adig Youth Choir, Emmanuel the Magnificent, DJ Wala, Abdul Tee-Jay's Rokoto, Young Faces of Africa, Toju - Comedian, Masquerade with Kaago, Ethio Tradition, Women of Africa: Rose Teteh Ade & Betty Nsubuga & Amy Coco, Gbedu Resurrection, Comedy/DJ Wala, Congoallstars
Mela Stage, hosted by Nihal, Murtz and Sangeeta Sabharwal:
Fusion, Lost Luggage, Threebee, Sona Family, Yam Boy, Sunit & Raxstar, Serese
Crisis Comedy Marquee:  
Rudi Lickwood, Curtis Walker, Shappi Khorsandi, Shazia Mirza, Quincy, Patrick Monahan, Tony Hendriks, Kojo, Inder Manocha, Angie McEvoy, Ayesha Hazarika
PRS Urban Stage - emerging and unsigned acts:
The Freestyle Crew, UK Unsigned, Undercover Magazine, Bigga Fish, Elastic Artists, UK Unsigned, Invincible Magazine, Overground
DJ Bus:
Dave VJ, Soul Jazz Soundsystem, Ross Allen, Trojan Sound System

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