Saturday, 23 July 2005

New DVD's

"Road Rage Vol 1" - DVD & Audio CD Napper, Fumin, Camilla, Heartless Crew, Lady Fury and many more 15.99
"Sunshine Garage Anthems Vol I" - DJ Excel [CD] The hottest vocal garage Anthems mixed by DJ Excel £6.99
"Raw Talent Vol I" - DPM Recordings (DVD) Feat Napper vs Trim & Ghetto vs Bashy and many more £9.99
"Spot Rushers Vol I" - Y3 (DVD) Feat Dirty Firm, Rattlepace, Meridian and many more £9.99
"North West At Large" - Gunfinger Productions (DVD) Over 5 hours of footage.... ft: SLK, Bashy, Renegade Boys, Musical Mob and many more £14.99
"I Got Lyrics" - SLK, Crazy T, D Double E [CD + DVD] It's what the roadz have been waiting for £9.99
"Talk On Road Vol I" - Harm City (DVD) Feat: Harm City, D Double E, Crazy titch, Flirta D and more £9.99

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