Thursday, 7 July 2005

What Can I Say?

_40713325_busbomb238, originally uploaded by chantelle.

It's a horrible day. Mixed emotions. I feel guilty for being sad when I'm ok and so many aren't, I think it's the shock. The sound of emergency vehicles isn't letting up and the phones still aren't working properly.

It's amazing what a difference 10 minutes in your day can make. I was running late so got to Old St just as they were closing station. Despite hearing a bomb had perhaps gone off at Liverpool Street (the helicopters and speeding police seemed to back this up) still got on the bus towards Kings Cross, worrying about being late to work. I've got lanyards to deal with don't you know. Getting stressed about buses being to full. You always think it won't be you don't you?

Just before arriving at the station the driver was alerted to a bus bomb. By this point there were about 30 buses just waiting, not knowing where to go or what was actually going on. One by one engines switched off. Next the glimpses of walking wounded. No phones working. Panic. Sirens.

Until I got into Shoreditch it was a different World. Hundreds of people just wondering around, waiting at bus stops, not knowing... I opened the front door and the relief hit me. Back home it's peaceful and you wouldn't know anything had happened. But it has.

And I don't know what to say. n.b To save confusion note this picture is not from today


DQ said...

So sorry to hear about what has happened today in London. Wish you all the best.
Dave Q in NY

boxmyth said...

Not much can be said. Silence is the sound of mourning.
Glad you're okay.
Matt R in LA