Saturday, 20 August 2005

Blog Beef

There's been some beef going down on the blogging front. It's got something to do with whatever's written in the new Vibe magazine list of blogs to visit (apparently this is one, couldn't tell you cause haven't seen mag). For various reasons some hip hop bloggers are throwing toys out of the pram for not getting a mention. Some of these people (like I'm going to put your names and get you promo) are questioning my inclusion in this article, If it makes them feel any better I don't have a clue who the fuck they are either. Now hush. Mac 10's birthday bash, Ruff Sqwad, Bizzle & Scare Dem at the Vice Pub, we got better things to be doing. *Ok, I was soooo tempted to reply to some of the comments I read, especially the comparison of grime to Mike Jones, but fuck the lot of them. You know what I'm like when I switch. Anyway however much the supposed hip hop elite hate on grime and how seriously we do or don't take friggin blogging, their talking of it alone is pushing the hit counter up so thanks.

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