Monday, 8 August 2005

Hey Girlfriend

Our lives are complete, originally uploaded by chantelle.

Big Brother baby doll Kemal was looking as beautiful as he did on the screen. Call me sad but I love Kemal. He popped into i-D and The Cocks party where Best Fwend and Lady Sov (who had a top article by Dan Cairns in the Sunday Times Culture today) were among others performing. It was hot, sweaty and way too crowded. When you advertise a party using the words I Love Cock what do you expect? After a few vanilla vodkas (still the new lick, trust me) it was off to The Legion for a few more. Target popped in for a brandy and coke and to show off his fresh tan - trust me I'm looking standardly white again. Bring back the glow. *Additional BB gossip... spoke to Kemal and Science on the subject and both want Eugene to win. There you have it.*

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Power Blogger said...

That chinese gash would catch a dogie with her tung like that,
chantelle fiddy, you should have gave kemal a peck on the cheek