Thursday, 11 August 2005

Introducing Mastermind Productionz

You don't have to be a producer, DJ or MC to be in the music industry. It's time to take a break from those in front of the camera to salute those behind the scenes. Introoducing Mastermind Productionz, a team of new age media guru's...

Who are Mastermind Productionz?
Mastermind Productionz are a video production company based in London. The founders of the company are Sesan Ogunro, Antoine Dixon-Bellot and Conrad Gray aka G-Money of BBC1Xtra. Since its creation in 2003, Mastermind have been responsible for a number of TV shows, TV commercials, music videos and animations shown on terrestial & digital television.

What do you do?
We are a video production comapny that deals with the aspiring and the elite in the music and television industry. We direct, edit and produce TV commercials, music promos/videos, TV shows and documentaries. We also have an animation and special effects department, that boasts some of the most creative and talented digital artists around today.

Do you have a company philosophy?
We've got a few: Don't start if you aint gonna finish. Anything thats worth doing is worth doing well. Only you can make you successful - only you can stop you being successful. Synergy.

Projects done to date?
Wow! Too many to mention... A few recent ones have been the Channel U idents (the U logo crashing into the ground), E4 logo design, TV animated shorts - BBC3, various animated ringtone commercials, O2 TV commercial/promo, SLK - Hype Hype video, Tinchy Stryder - Underground video, Tubby T - Ready She Ready video, DPM - Have some of That video, Regal Players - Rude Boy video, Bear Man - Drinkin' Bear video, Various Artists - Monsta Riddim video.

Are artists like Bear man signed to you, if not what's the deal?
Bear Man is an artist managed by us. In regards to the music production side of things, Mastermind Productionz have become heavily involved with a number of artists. We are not a label that signs artists (yet!), we manage/package artists ready for their independent deal or major deal. We are in the process of setting up Mastermind Records, that will solely be dealing with this type of work.

Drinking Bear - Bear Man out July 11th, Monsta Riddim - Various Artists out July, Drinking Bear remix - Bear Man, Doctor and Fender out on the Run The Road 2 compilation August. Emergency by Doctor will be coming soon too.

Other future plans for Mastermind?
We plan to keep growing bigger and better, involving all areas of media.


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