Wednesday, 10 August 2005

Kray Twinz

Intersting one. Received the Kray Twinz featuring Twista, Lethal B and Gappy Ranks 'What We Do'. Got immediately confused as started it up and hang on, they've jacked Low Deep's 'Straight Flush'. A couple of phone calls later and all is clear. Transpires that 'Straight Flush', the track which effectively broke Low Deep, was a remix of the original 'What We Do' instrumental. You can hear a difference that's for sure. As instrumentals go I prefer Low Deeps but that could be because it's THE one I know. Twista, Lethal and Suncycle's Gappy do a fine job on vocals and this is gonna be massive. Already had a bit of play stateside where it appears the Kray Twinz have some good links established. When this lands b-side is going to feature Lutoner Low Deep emceeing over his classic so even more reason to go and buy it. More on the Kray's to follow.


Torsten said...

hm. i am a bit confused about low deep.

heard "Trina ft. Ludacris - B R Right" (got it at prancehall's blog) the first time a few minutes ago and it sounds kinda similar to "Low Deep - Cheeky Violin".

what i didn't unterstand is, if low deep is "remixing" american beats or are "Straight Flush" & "Cheeky Violin" only remixes of beats, he made for american hip-hop artists. in my opion, low deep is the best grime-producer at the moment.

and the kray twinz track is big. damn, twista. yüühaa! :D

Chantelle Fiddy said...

Ok I haven't heard that Luda track so I don't know... will go listen. He's not remixing American beats, the Kray Twinz are from Coventry but they work in LA alot too. The only one I know 100% is a remix is the 'Straight Flush'. He's still bringing something different to his mixes and agree he's one of best grime producers at moment. I'll do more digging and see what I come with. Where can I hear that Trina track (I do know Krayz have been working with Trina so the plot's thickening).

Torsten said...

the trina track:
or on my own space (maybe a bit faster):

Chantelle Fiddy said...

just spoke to the Krayz, they don't think that Cheeky Violin has anything to do with the Trina track (Low Deep is signed to their production company). Low Deep's beat has more strings in than the Trina one and obviously there's other differences but there's no denying the similarity. Confused? Me? Yes!