Monday, 22 August 2005

Mac 10's Bash

I couldn't make it but here's what my girl Passion had to say... I'll break it down for you. Got there at like 11pm, there was about 10 people (including me and three and my gyals) that had come for the bash. DJs were playing music and no-one was dancing apart from two drunk guys! Essentials were in the seconed room, Bossman playing some big tune but to no crowd. Aftershock (including Sadie) came later, follwed by Nasty. There was a few more people now, we all got sent to one room and were promised performances. Mac 10 played instrumentals, did anyone spit? NO! Then we got moved to another room. More instrumentals were played, did anyone spit? NO!! Aftershock were meant to go on around 1:30am, but did no performance. Storming was just filming and everyone else was 'blazing'. Knuckles also came down. Basically I don't think the rave was advertised well enough. Hardly anyone knew about it. There was like three gyal and 50 man. There was a chance for it to be good but no-one performed, all the artists didnt know what was going on. I was vexed though because I wanted to 'buss a couple of lyrics'. Get me fam?"

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