Tuesday, 23 August 2005

Mondays Carnage

f104744004, originally uploaded by chantelle.

Einstein Butterfingers even dropped me a part 2 for the ongoing battle wars...
I come off like pants in a fuckfest
Leave your body stiffer than nipples when I suck breast
I mean nibble tit, slay you when I scribble shit
I'm top cat while you're on some Officer Dibble shit
Delete your blog, fuck your girl with the lumber log
I'm a call you 'bitch' because you are the underdog
Hens call me Bernard Matthews from the way I kill chickens
You don't know who I am? Then I guess the plot thickens
And that's peace.

*Prancehall, watch you're next. I'm wondering if under all of it you're actually a buffers. You speak with such passion it would be a waste if not.*

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